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Case Studies

Eastern Purchase Dashboard

Background :

Ideenkreise Tech pondered an idea about the streamlined purchase management solution and liked to design an automated dashboard that should enhance the client’s purchase processes.

The system should overcome Oracle’s time constraints that fetches real-time data, thus receiving daily updates, purchase strength and average costs. The developers has to design a system that optimises data retrieval that provides up-to-date information.

Solution :

The need of the client is a design of a dashboard to centralise all purchase-related data in one place. They need real-time visibility while the procurement process is happening. The system should have an ability to automate routine tasks. 

Our team developed an intuitive interface for users to navigate tasks, including customization options, and the dashboard displays information that caters to specific needs.

The developers found out that it is best to connect with ERP software, thus causing data consistency across platforms. The team has to retain familiar tools and include familiar tools.

A custom data retrieval mechanism that bypasses the usual delays associated with Oracle. The system now directly interfaces with the relevant APIs, allowing us to fetch and update data in real time. This ensures that the information you receive is not only timely but also reflects the most current state of your stock and purchase metrics.

Oracle systems have unusual delays that can be bypassed by custom data retrieval. The system interfaces with relevant APIs helping to fetch data in real time. This gives insights of current state of stock and purchase metrics.

The developers provided robust validation checks to increase the reliability of the information. The system does cross-reference from various sources to reduce discrepancies. The dashboard can be integrated with real-time data updates. There is easy access to latest stock status, purchase strength, and average costs.

The dashboard is feat in itself with each team member having a personalised login, and displays specific metrics and data points. The users with no technical knowledge can extract valuable insights.  Ideenkreise Tech’s solution empowers Eastern with a smoother workflow and enhanced efficiency in purchase management.