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Purchase and Blending System


Ideenkreise Tech partnered with Eastea to develop a custom-built application for their purchase and blending system, streamlining the entire process from sourcing to selection to blending. The application seamlessly manages the three main stages of tea production. Firstly, it facilitates the sourcing of tea leaves and other essential ingredients from suppliers or farms. Secondly, it assists in the meticulous selection of the finest ingredients, incorporating quality control checks to ensure adherence to the company’s high standards. Lastly, the application supports the blending process, offering recommendations for the optimum blend in accordance with the company’s exacting specifications. This tailored solution by Ideenkreise Tech enhances the efficiency and precision of Eastea’s production workflow, ensuring the delivery of high-quality tea products.

Multiplayer Online Realtime Quiz


Ideenkreise Tech collaborated with Primeight Technologies to create the Quiz App. Within the app, users initiate their experience by selecting a quiz category or topic of interest. The application then presents a series of questions related to the chosen category, employing various formats such as multiple choice, true/false, or open-ended questions. Users select answers for each question and submit their responses, receiving immediate feedback on the accuracy of their answers. In instances of incorrect responses, the app offers the correct answer to facilitate learning. The app also tracks the user’s score, considering both the number of correct answers and the time taken for each response. Users can view their scores and compare their rankings to other participants who have taken the same quiz. This engaging and interactive Quiz App developed by Ideenkreise Tech in collaboration with Primeight Technologies allows users to continue their quiz experience until they decide to exit the app.

Real Estate Website

Web Designing

Ideenkreise Tech collaborated with Shades Architectural Associates to bring their commitment to excellence into the digital realm. Shades Architectural Associates not only excels in architectural design and development services but also extends their expertise to the construction and sale of high-quality apartments. The website crafted by Ideenkreise Tech seamlessly showcases Shades Architectural Associates’ dedication to creating aesthetically pleasing and functional living spaces aligned with each client’s vision. Whether you’re in the market for a new home or seeking real estate investment opportunities, Shades Architectural Associates offers a comprehensive solution, making them a one-stop destination for quality housing solutions. Ideenkreise Tech is proud to have contributed to elevating Shades Architectural Associates’ online presence, reinforcing their status as a go-to destination for individuals with diverse property needs.

Online Grocery Shopping


Ideenkreise proudly presents its collaboration with Goodoor in developing a cutting-edge E-commerce app, redefining the online grocery shopping experience. Tasked with bringing Goodoor’s vision to life, we crafted a user-friendly interface, ensuring seamless navigation through an extensive product range, including fresh produce, meats, pantry items, and more. Our emphasis on security shines through in the robust checkout system, safeguarding user information. The app’s efficient order management and real-time tracking complement Goodoor’s commitment to fast and reliable doorstep delivery. This successful partnership showcases Ideenkreise’s ability to transform ideas into practical and intuitive digital solutions, enhancing the convenience and quality of online grocery shopping for Goodoor’s customers.

Online LMS


Ideenkreise proudly partnered with 90+ My Tuition App to develop a comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) that revolutionizes the management of online classes, exams, attendance tracking, and fee collections. Our expert team crafted a user-friendly platform allowing teachers to seamlessly upload course content, enabling students to access lectures, assignments, and engage in discussions effortlessly. The LMS facilitates online exams with tools for creating diverse question types while also offering robust attendance tracking functionalities. In addition, we seamlessly integrated an online payment system into the LMS, providing students with a convenient platform to pay tuition fees securely. This partnership exemplifies Ideenkreise’s commitment to transforming educational experiences by streamlining and automating various aspects of tuition management, benefiting both educators and students alike.

Sales Force Automation


Ideenkreise led the development of an advanced Sales Force Automation (SFA) app for Parison. Drawing upon our expertise, we automated administrative tasks and equipped sales representatives with essential tools, resulting in increased efficiency, a streamlined sales process, and an enhanced overall customer experience. The Ideenkreise-developed SFA app is intricately designed to fuel revenue growth and assist companies in achieving their sales objectives. Through meticulous tracking and analysis of sales data, our SFA app identifies trends, pinpoints areas for improvement, and provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of diverse sales strategies. This collaboration underscores Ideenkreise’s commitment to delivering tailor-made technological solutions that optimize sales processes and contribute to sustained business success.



Ideenkreise takes the lead in developing the web application for Nanma Properties, seamlessly integrating CRM functionalities. This application is designed to efficiently collect and centralize customer data, offering a user-friendly interface for the analysis of customer trends and preferences. Ideenkreise ensures that the web application automates key processes, optimizing customer interactions and data management. With a focus on personalized customer experiences, the application empowers Nanma properties to measure performance metrics, enabling informed decision-making and enhancing overall profitability. Ideenkreise’s collaborative effort results in a comprehensive CRM system that streamlines operations, providing Nanma properties with valuable insights to improve business relationships and customer satisfaction.

Sports Management System


Ideenkreise spearheads the development of Scoreline’s mobile app, offering a comprehensive approach to coach development and support. The mobile app, meticulously crafted by Ideenkreise, stands as a pivotal tool in Scoreline’s ecosystem, providing coaches with an intuitive platform for managing cash collections and accessing a detailed list of contacts. In tandem with a rigorous coach education and training program, the app empowers coaches to deliver high-quality coaching to athletes, making significant contributions to their success and overall team performance. Ideenkreise’s expertise extends beyond the mobile app, encompassing additional professional development programs that furnish coaches with the necessary resources and support to excel in their roles. Through this collaboration, Ideenkreise reinforces Scoreline’s commitment to advancing coach development and enhancing the sports community at large.

Asset Management System


Ideenkreise has successfully crafted the Asset Management System for Eastern, a sophisticated process employed by companies to meticulously oversee their equipment and inventory. This tailored system, developed by Ideenkreise, encompasses the creation of a detailed inventory, precise tracking of each item’s location and status, implementation of a proactive maintenance schedule, and the integration of advanced software to monitor asset usage and performance. Ideenkreise’s expertise in developing this comprehensive approach empowers Eastern to efficiently determine when equipment requires servicing or repair, when inventory needs replenishing, and when items should be replaced. The Ideenkreise-developed Asset Management System for Eastern stands as an effective solution, aiding companies and organizations of all sizes in managing their equipment and inventory with enhanced efficiency and effectiveness. By adopting this system, companies can anticipate maintenance needs, reduce costs, increase productivity, and minimize downtime, ensuring a more resilient operation in the face of equipment failure or other challenges.

Crop Management System


Ideenkreise has designed and developed the Crop Management System for Eastern Crop Management, encompassing a comprehensive set of agricultural practices aimed at enhancing the growth, development, and yield of crops. The process, initiated with meticulous seedbed preparation and sowing of seeds, extends through various crop maintenance practices, including fertilization, pest control, and irrigation, ensuring proper growth and development. Ideenkreise’s expertise ensures that the Crop Management System optimizes crop yields, minimizes losses, and contributes to increased profitability for Eastern Crop Management. The culmination of this system is the harvest stage, where mature crops are meticulously gathered and prepared for sale or further processing. Ideenkreise’s design and development efforts underscore the critical importance of effective crop management in the success of agricultural operations, providing Eastern Crop Management with a tailored solution to streamline processes and enhance overall productivity.

Expense Manager


Ideenkreise developed the Expense Management System for Eastern, a comprehensive solution that involves the meticulous tracking, reporting, and allocation of payments for expenses incurred by the company. Leveraging advanced expense management software, Ideenkreise has streamlined the entire process, enabling businesses to easily manage and automate expense tracking, including seamless submission, approval, and reimbursement processes. The system not only ensures precision in reporting and compliance with company policies but also provides valuable insights into spending patterns. Ideenkreise’s expertise in developing this system empowers Eastern to make informed decisions, exercise better control over costs, and enhance overall financial management efficiency. The Expense Management System by Ideenkreise stands as a tailored solution that significantly contributes to Eastern’s ability to manage expenses seamlessly and derive valuable insights for strategic decision-making.