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Enhancing Attendance Tracking for 90 Plus Tuition App

Enhancing Attendance Tracking
for 90 Plus Tuition App

Background :

90 Plus Tuition App initially conducted classes through recorded sessions and later transitioned to online Zoom meetings. Utilizing a mobile app for recorded classes, termed as hybrid live tuition, the company faced challenges in accurately tracking attendance for the scheduled classes. Sending meeting links to students’ mobiles proved ineffective in capturing attendance data accurately, prompting the need for a precise solution to address this issue.

Solution :

To overcome attendance tracking challenges for 90 Plus Tuition App, Ideenkreise Tech introduced a multifaceted solution. We improved their mobile app and internal task scheduling, ensuring seamless integration. A custom Python-based internal system was implemented to efficiently manage student interest and conversion to registered participants. Zoom integration streamlined class scheduling, with timely notifications for assigned students. Our innovative attendance tracking system, utilizing Zoom’s registration ID, facilitated precise and efficient data retrieval after each class. We introduced an exam feature for subject-wise assessments, providing a comprehensive academic experience. Additionally, the solution included robust systems for monitoring payment status, ensuring transparency, and enabling students to easily purchase tuition packages. This holistic approach not only addressed attendance concerns but also enhanced overall administrative efficiency, class management, and student engagement for 90 Plus Tuition App.