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Top 5 Mobile Games Made in India

Top mobile games

Top 5 Mobile Games Made in India

Since its inception, mobile gaming has emerged as one of the consistently expanding sectors in the Indian market. Following the lockdown, there has been an unprecedented surge in both the number of smartphone users and the time spent on these devices, with a significant portion dedicated to top mobile games. Games spanning various genres, from Candy Crush to PUBG, enjoy substantial popularity in the Indian subcontinent. The prohibition of well-known titles like PUBG created a substantial gap in the top mobile games market, prompting new entrants to step in. Swift to seize the opportunity, Indian brands promptly introduced their own offerings among the top mobile games. Below is a compilation of the top mobile games developed in India:

1. FAU-G

FAU-G, also known as Fearless and United Guards, swiftly emerged as a noteworthy contender in the top mobile games category, positioned as the Indian counterpart to PUBG after the latter was banned in the country. Introduced immediately following the PUBG ban, FAU-G made a significant impact in the simulated multiplayer battle gaming sector, although it doesn’t claim the title of a perfect substitute for PUBG, given PUBG’s more nuanced and developed gameplay. Nevertheless, FAU-G closely follows as a robust second option, particularly resonating with Indian audiences due to its indigenous setting and storyline.


The game introduces a compelling story mode, guiding gamers through the entire Galwan Valley incident as they engage in battles against the Chinese Army to rescue captured Indian soldiers. Despite having certain aspects to refine before achieving the same level of allure as PUBG, FAU-G has cultivated a formidable fan following among Indian audiences, solidifying its position in the realm of top mobile games.

Pros of FAU-G:

  • Indigenous Storyline: FAU-G stands out with its unique and indigenous storyline, focusing on real events like the Galwan Valley incident, which appeals to players seeking a distinctive narrative.
  • Offline Play: The inclusion of a single-player story mode allows players to enjoy the game even without an internet connection, catering to users with limited connectivity.
  • Community Engagement: FAU-G has demonstrated a commitment to community engagement by incorporating events and updates that keep players involved and interested in the game.

Cons of FAU-G:

  • Gameplay Depth: While FAU-G offers an intriguing storyline, some players find the overall gameplay less intricate compared to other titles, resulting in a need for more diverse and engaging features.
  • Limited Multiplayer Features: The multiplayer aspect of FAU-G may be considered limited in comparison to other popular games, with fewer modes and customization options, potentially impacting its long-term appeal.
  • Graphics Quality: Although the game has commendable graphics, there is room for improvement in terms of visual elements and overall polish to compete with other top mobile games.
  • Competition with PUBG: Being positioned as a successor to PUBG in India, FAU-G faces constant comparisons, and the high expectations set by PUBG’s legacy may pose challenges for FAU-G to establish its own distinct identity.

2. Ludo King

Top mobile games have witnessed the transformation of the popular Indian board game Ludo into a digital sensation, and Ludo King stands out as one of the standout successes in this category. During the lockdown, Ludo King ascended to the pinnacle of the “top mobile games,” emerging as a favored choice for smartphone users across India. It served as a convenient means for people to stay connected with friends and family during times of confinement. Notably, the game’s feature allowing players to chat while playing significantly contributed to its widespread appeal. Developed by Gametion Technologies Pvt Ltd, Ludo King boasts over 100 million downloads and an impressive user rating of 4.2 stars on the Google Play Store.

Pros of Ludo King:

  • Cultural Connection: Ludo King successfully brings the traditional Indian board game of ludo into the digital realm, fostering a sense of cultural connection among players.


  • Social Connectivity: Ludo King serves as an easy and enjoyable way for users to connect with friends and family, fostering social interaction through digital gameplay.


  • In-Game Chat Feature: The inclusion of a chat feature allows players to communicate with friends during gameplay, enhancing the overall social experience and making it more engaging.


  • Developer Reputation: Developed by Gametion Technologies Pvt Ltd, Ludo King benefits from a reputable developer, contributing to its credibility and user trust.

Cons of Ludo King:

  • Simplicity: Some players may find the gameplay of Ludo King too simplistic, lacking the complexity and depth that other top mobile games offer, potentially limiting long-term engagement.


  • Limited Innovation: While successful, Ludo King has not introduced significant innovations or new features over time, potentially making it less appealing to users seeking constant updates and fresh content.


  • Dependency on Online Connectivity: The game heavily relies on online connectivity, and the absence of an offline mode may inconvenience users in areas with poor internet access.


  • Graphics Quality: Although functional, the graphics of Ludo King may be considered basic compared to some other top mobile games, and an upgrade in visual elements could enhance the overall gaming experience


  • Competition in the Genre: Ludo King faces stiff competition in the mobile gaming market, particularly in the board game genre, where other titles may offer more advanced features and gameplay dynamics.

3. Indian Airforce: A Cut Above

Released in close succession to the capture of Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman by Pakistan, the top mobile game “Indian Air Force: A Cut Above” immerses players in the role of an IAF Air Warrior. Set against the backdrop of the Balakot strike, the game serves as a tribute to Wing Commander Abhinandan. Offering both single-player and multiplayer modes, the game provides a comprehensive experience.


In the single-player mode, players can acquaint themselves with the operation of high-performance aircraft and engage in aerial combat using various weapons. On the other hand, the multiplayer mode offers an opportunity to compete with other online users. Players can join forces in the Squad vs Squad format or engage in a Free for All mode, where the last surviving player emerges as the ultimate victor.


Notably, “Indian Air Force: A Cut Above” has gained significant popularity on the Google Play Store, boasting an impressive rating of 4.7 stars.

Pros of Indian Airforce: A Cut Above

  • Realistic Experience: The game provides users with a realistic and immersive experience by allowing them to step into the role of an IAF Air Warrior, reliving events such as the Balakot strike.


  • Diverse Gameplay Modes: The inclusion of both single-player and multiplayer modes caters to a variety of gaming preferences, offering a comprehensive gaming experience.


  • Multiplayer Engagement: The multiplayer mode enables users to compete with other players online, fostering a sense of community and engagement.


  • Varied Game Formats: The game offers diverse multiplayer formats, such as Squad vs Squad and Free for All, adding variety and excitement to the gaming experience.


  • Positive Ratings: With a high rating of 4.7 stars on the Google Play Store, the game has garnered positive feedback from players, indicating overall satisfaction with the gaming experience.

Cons of Indian Air Force: A Cut Above:

  • Resource Intensive: The game may be resource-intensive, requiring advanced hardware specifications, which could limit accessibility for users with older devices.


  • Limited Offline Features: The game may heavily depend on online connectivity, limiting accessibility for users in areas with poor or no internet access.


  • Competitive Market: The aviation gaming genre is highly competitive, and “Indian Air Force: A Cut Above” faces competition from other titles offering similar experiences.


  • Potential for Repetitiveness: Over time, the gameplay may become repetitive, especially for players who seek constant updates and new challenges.


  • Device Compatibility: Users with older or less powerful devices may experience performance issues or limitations, impacting the overall gaming experience.

4. Real Cricket 2.0

Real Cricket 2.0 taps into the deep-seated love that Indians harbor for cricket, transforming it into a captivating experience within the realm of top mobile games. Crafted by Nautilus Mobile, Real Cricket 2.0 stands out as a pinnacle among mobile cricket games, earning accolades like the People’s Choice Game of the Year-2014 and India Gaming Week Sports and Debut Game of the Year – 2015. With a modest size of 423MB, the game boasts a commendable 4.1-star rating on the Google Play Store and has garnered over 10 million downloads.

Pros of Real Cricket 2.0:

  • Cricket Enthusiast’s Delight: The game caters to the widespread love for cricket in India, providing cricket enthusiasts with an engaging and immersive gaming experience.


  • Developer Recognition: Developed by Nautilus Mobile, Real Cricket 2.0 has gained recognition by winning prestigious awards like People’s Choice Game of the Year-2014 and India Gaming Week Sports and Debut Game of the Year – 2015, indicating a high level of industry acclaim.


  • Size and Accessibility: With a manageable size of 423MB, the game strikes a balance between quality and accessibility, making it feasible for a broad range of users with varying device capabilities.


  • High Google Play Rating: Real Cricket 2.0 has achieved a commendable 4.1-star rating on the Google Play Store, reflecting positive feedback from users and a generally satisfying gaming experience.


  • Impressive Download Numbers: The game’s popularity is evident through its impressive download count, surpassing 10 million installations, showcasing a substantial user base.

Cons of Real Cricket 2.0:

  • Limited Appeal Beyond Cricket Fans: The game may primarily appeal to cricket enthusiasts, potentially limiting its audience compared to more versatile gaming titles.


  • Potential for Repetitiveness: Like many sports games, Real Cricket 2.0 may face challenges in maintaining long-term engagement, as repetitive gameplay might become less appealing over time.


  • In-App Purchases: The presence of in-app purchases could be a downside for users who prefer a fully free gaming experience, as these purchases may be necessary to unlock certain features or enhance gameplay.


  • Device Compatibility: Users with older or less powerful devices may face challenges in running the game smoothly, potentially excluding a portion of the audience.


  • Competitive Cricket Gaming Market: Real Cricket 2.0 operates in a competitive market, with numerous cricket games available, requiring continuous updates and innovations to stay ahead of the competition.

5. The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands

Developed by Himanshu Manwani and Govardhan Gosavi for Xigma Games, The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands stands as a prominent entry among top mobile games crafted in India. Offering a compelling 6-day free trial, the game requires a subsequent payment of around Rs. 300 to continue the adventure. Despite being a paid offering, The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands has garnered a dedicated following in India. Players engage in building their own houses, managing surroundings, and preparing for nightly monster attacks. Boasting a solid 4.1-star rating on the Google Play Store, the game has surpassed 1 million downloads, attributing its popularity to seamless gameplay and user-friendly interface. The game’s size is approximately 90MB.

In the dynamic landscape of mobile gaming in India, numerous developers have tried their hand, achieving varying degrees of success. Whether you aspire to create a top mobile game with impeccable gameplay, user experience, aesthetics, and performance, the optimal approach is to enlist the expertise of a mobile game developer who aligns with your requirements. At Ideenreise tech, we boast years of experience in crafting memorable and successful games and softwares for our clients. 

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Pros of The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands:

  • Engaging Gameplay: The game offers engaging and immersive gameplay, allowing players to build, manage, and strategize against nighttime monster attacks.


  • Trial Period: The 6-day free trial provides users with an opportunity to experience the game before committing to a purchase, attracting potential players.


  • Loyal Patronage: Despite being a paid game, The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands has successfully cultivated a loyal player base in India, reflecting the game’s quality and appeal.


  • Positive User Ratings: With a commendable 4.1-star rating on the Google Play Store, the game has received positive feedback, indicating player satisfaction and enjoyment.


  • Download Milestone: Surpassing 1 million downloads showcases the game’s popularity and widespread acceptance among mobile gamers.


  • Smooth Gameplay and UI: The popularity of the game can be attributed to its smooth gameplay and user-friendly interface, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Cons of The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands:

  • Paid Model: The game operates on a paid model, requiring users to pay around Rs. 300 after the free trial, potentially limiting its audience compared to free-to-play alternatives.
  • Monster Attack Repetition: The repetitive nature of nightly monster attacks may lead to a sense of monotony for some players over time.
  • Limited Appeal: The game’s specific genre and gameplay may have limited appeal beyond a niche audience interested in strategy and survival games.
  • Size: With a size of around 90MB, the game may be considered relatively large for users with limited storage space on their devices.
  • Competitive Market: The mobile gaming market is highly competitive, and The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands faces competition from a myriad of other games, requiring continuous updates and innovations to maintain interest.
  • Payment Barrier: The upfront payment requirement may deter some users who prefer entirely free-to-play gaming experiences or those hesitant to pay for mobile games.

In summary, the best 5 mobile games created in India highlight the country’s talent in the gaming world. These games stand out for their unique features and have gained popularity not only in India but also internationally. They reflect the diverse interests of gamers and showcase the creativity of Indian developers. As mobile gaming continues to grow, these top games demonstrate India’s impact on the global gaming stage. Players around the world appreciate these homegrown creations, proving that India has become a significant player in the exciting world of mobile gaming.

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